New Country – An uncut photographer talk

In this short, uncut video I discuss one of my all time favorite images. New Country is a scene of tranquility inspiring the viewer to feel the limitlessness of the country and understand the vast unseen landscapes.

The black and white image was taken in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah the morning after a storm came through.

Recent Work From Wellfleet

Sunset, Wellfleet Harbor
Sunset, Wellfleet Harbor. A little bit of an unusual image for me, but I like how the bright light creates an abstract scene. The individual tips of the grass sparkling in the sun also make it a favorite from this trip.
Dunes meet forest
Dunes meet forest. (Provincetown) You don’t usually encounter large sand dunes and mature forest in the same space – here the beach grass covered dune literally spills into the forest.
Stand of flooded trees
Stand of flooded trees
Bay light, Cape Cod
Bay light, Cape Cod

Seascape, Truro

One of my favorite recent Cape Cod photographs, this image from high on the bluffs in Truro has an exciting combination of composition and color.


Ever-changing Clouds in The White Mountains

An image that makes you say wow. That’s what this is for me. The clouds moving across the peaks, the freshly fallen snow on the treetops, and the light filtered by the breaking up of the low cloud cover combine into a photograph with interest.

Cape Cod Wanderings with Endless Light

One reason the landscape of Cape Cod has drawn so many artists over the years is that the unique light comes in endless variations, creating so many opportunities and feelings. Here are a few images from my trip last month that show these variations.

More from this cape trip 

Sunset at Wellfleet


Dunes, Sandwich


Endless Beach in Truro


2016-08-08-0145Cape Cod Bay, Wellfleet


Maritime Illusion

Apparent in these images is the enduring allure of the sea. The potential for encountering an unusual experience like these seascapes drives the attraction. It is fueled by the mystery of what lies beyond.

Sea smoke and snowfall limit view of any reference point and remove our sense of place. The unseen vast distances of ocean generating the waves become the subject of wonder.

Sea smoke waves 1

Sea smoke waves

Sea smoke waves  2

Marblehead Wave Break

Wave Breaking during Hurricane Sandy in Marblehead, Massachusetts
Wave Breaking during Hurricane Sandy in Marblehead, Massachusetts

I made this photograph of the ocean during Hurricane Sandy last fall. I really like how the  image feels as though it is from a long time ago. It has a real timeless quality.