Book Launch: Sea State

A photographer’s journey at the intersection of the world we inhabit and the vast realm of marine nature.

For the last year I have been crafting this book as a new way to share my work and obsession with the ocean and coastal environment. The book communicates a vision that a single print or even several prints could never convey. It brings disparate geographies, weather and sensations together so viewers can feel each moment and connect it with a larger perspective of the natural world.

Sea State will be a hardcover book produced with high quality materials selected for their longevity and ability to reproduce photographs accurately. It will be printed and bound by a leader in fine art printing to ensure an outstanding first edition. The book will be 11” tall and 13” wide, a large size to convey the detail in these images and immerse viewers in the visual.

Sea State is a photographic journey of interactions, experiences and observations of the ocean, captured over a period of 16 years starting in 2007. It reflects my own evolution in perspective as I became more drawn to the images of the sea, finding in it a mental escape and a source of inspiration.

The book contains 80 pages with photographs from places ranging from my home of Marblehead, Massachusetts, to Cape Cod, Maine, Florida, Bermuda, France and more.

Order by December 2nd to get your own hand signed copy.