Unique Artworks of New England Aid Healing at MGH Cancer Center

The belief that medical treatment delivered in an encouraging and inspiring environment is more effective is difficult to dispute.  At the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center in Boston they subscribe to this idea to such a great extent that they have made an enormous effort to improve their facility through an ongoing partnership with local artists. This has taken form as Illuminations, a program to “shed light on the human experience and inspire viewers to expand their vision of life”.   Artists loan their work to the hospital for four months at time when it hangs in waiting areas of the Cancer Center.

From October 2009 to January 2010, seven of my landscape photographs are being shown through the program on the 7th floor, suite 7E of the Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care.  It was not until attending the opening reception last night that I felt the impact and meaning of this program. Seeing the truly unique pieces which adorn the walls emphasized the powerful and enlightening effects of this program.

The fact that many of the art works have a local connection through their subject matter, made the collection have more impact as it extended the notion of environment from the medical facility outward to the New England region.  Some of the other artists with local pieces include Gail Fischer, Anne Silber, Katherine Kominis, Marie Fox, Mark Preu and Jeanne Smith.

Since I started telling people that I would be contributing to this program, two friends mentioned that they or a family member have been treated in this center, and were excited to learn that I would be participating. Having these images which are primarily from Cape Cod and other coastal areas of Massachusetts included in the program has been rewarding for me as an artist. To show my support for this wonderful program 25% of the proceeds from the sale of any image in the show will be contributed to the Cancer Center and the Illuminations program.  (Now through 2 months after the show ends.)