New England Fall Foliage: Beyond the Vivid Colors

Warner's Pond Concord MA

I don’t take a lot of photographs of fall foliage. Sure it’s beautiful, but it has never struck me as a helpful way to convey what I want in my art.  Similar to the way sunsets are beautiful, but many times not that interesting.  However, the glimpses of colorful foliage in this photograph supply just enough detail and contrast for the photograph to make a compelling image.  The foliage doesn’t make the image on its own, but complements the other elements at work, forming a cohesive and inspiring image.

Some of the other interesting features at work are:

  • How the stillness of the water emphasizes the atmospheric quality of the sky through its reflection
  • The appearance of depth  implied by opposite shore  seen in the middle strengthens the overall impact of the photo
  • It looks mysteriously calm, yet bright and uplifting
  • The dark shadows in between the trees

There are certainly much more vivid displays of New England fall foliage than this, but I believe this image is stronger than  many classic foliage images because it doesn’t rely entirely on colorful leaves for its strength.

Taken early on an October morning at Warner’s Pond in Concord, Massachusetts.