Otter Point Acadia National Park

Otter Point, Acadia National Park, MAine
Otter Point, Acadia National Park, Maine

This photograph was made at Otter Point in Acadia National Park, Maine and particularly resonates with me for several reasons. I find the most interesting feature to be the ambient and soft quality of light. Because of the sky and ocean, the image has a blue hue to it, which I find very compelling. This effect is especially apparent in the large boulder in the foreground.

The two large boulders, while contrasting in color, setup a harmony and rhythm to the image by balancing each other out. This theme is extended by the collection of smaller surrounding forms which continue the flow both in shape and color.

One final element which attracts me to this particular image  is the sense of mystery I get from it.   This feeling is driven by the dark crevices between the forms and the stillness of the water in the background.